Meditation 101

Meditation with Julianne
The practice of sitting with your own thoughts and starting a meditation practice can be a little intimidating.  We touched base with Julianne Farrell about her new series of guided meditation classes to learn more about meditation and getting started on this incredibly beneficial practice.  Catch Julianne Tuesdays and Thursdays at our Loft at noon to refresh your mind and body midday!
What is meditation? Meditation is the practice of bringing your thoughts into more of a single minded focus. 
How can I benefit from meditating? By slowing the processing of your brain down,  (single minded focus versus thousands of thoughts) an individual restores and actually brings more awareness, connectivity, concentration and creativity for their mind. 
How long do I need to sit in silence to benefit from meditation? You actually don’t have to sit in silence more than 2-3 minutes if you select one of our Meditation Classes.  Typically, meditation in general is beneficial anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes a day
I have a hard time sitting still.  How can I sit through an entire meditation class? I suggest two options.  First, to try our 30 minutes of live guided meditation.  The instructor will lead you through grounding and very present based cues to capture your focus over a 30 minute time frame. You can sit or lay down!   Or take one of our 75 Minute Yoga & Meditation classes.  This class is designed to have you following in yoga poses to release your physical energy for 50 minutes, followed by a seated meditation for 15 minutes and savasana (corpses pose- lying in a comfortable position to restore) for 10 minutes.  
Why is this class 30 minutes during lunch?   Meditation is the second best thing next to sleep.  It calms and relaxes you, letting thoughts ease away, bringing on a sense of freshness and reboot for the rest of your day.  Remember, to be more productive, efficient and creative, you must slow down the mind naturally to restore it.  I don’t have time to meditate.
How can I spend an entire 30 minutes on it? Schedule it.  Just like you do lunch, a walk, brushing your teeth, reading a newspaper, social media browsing, chatting with coworkers and friends, going to a group exercise class, walking the dog.  In order to get better usage from your brain, you need to practice mindfulness versus overdrive/overstimulation.
What if I’m really bad at meditating? There is no wrong or right in meditation.  It’s a process of starting at the beginning over and over again without judgement.  Gradually overtime, you begin to notice when your thoughts are roaming and you gently guide them back to the present moment. This builds self awareness which is a crucial attribute allowing one to be less reactionary and more observant of their own thoughts, behaviors and judgement.  Rather then getting lost in story, drama, the past or worry.  Self Awareness is the first step to accepting oneself and developing compassion and inner joy. Who doesn’t need more inner joy and peace?!
What should I expect? If you are attending a meditation class, just come as yourself, chill and have an open mind for a new experience where you don’t have to perform or measure up to  expectations. 
Should I bring anything with me? For meditation bring yourself, for yoga & meditation- bring a mat, water bottle and if you wish a small towel. 
How should I dress? Comfortable, in clothes you are able to move in and if yoga is involved clothes that you can sweat in.
Anything else?   The most common comment I hear about meditation is that I can’t meditate!  It’s too hard!  These are the exact comments why one should try a guided class.  Stop running in the opposite direction of resistance and excuses, let go, relax and just simply BE for 30 minutes of Bliss!

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