Plants to Keep Your Place Fresh….Even in the Winter!

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Windows closed. Heat on. Space heaters engaged. Sure, you’ve pulled out your humidifier and get your 10 minutes of fresh air between here and there, but you’re probably missing the windows down breeze of clean air from spring and summer. This winter, consider investing in a couple plants to keep the air in your home pure and fresh. Certain plants can help break down common household toxins (found in cleaners, paint, furniture, dry cleaned clothes) and will even spruce up a quiet corner or shelf! Here are a couple of the most effective:

Spider Plant

This guy can take up to 90% of o-xylene, found in fuels, and p-xylene, found in plastic and rubber products.


A little splash of red in this plant can liven up your house in an instant and can also take up to 90% of benzene, found in glue, paint, furniture wax and detergent.


Consider decorating with dracaena and let this plant absorb acetone, commonly found in household cleaners and nail polish products.


Things feeling a little dry around the house? Add a simple fern to the room to increase air humidity. These guys can be a little temperamental, so keep an eye on them for watering and check with your plant store about any special instructions.

Peace Lily

If you work in an office or are around computers or printers regularly, a peace lily can keep you healthy. They absorb electromagnetic radiation emitted by computers and printers and moisturize air.



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