Breaking It Down With Exavier

He’s a teacher with swag and style that will get you moving and laughing every time you take his class. He’s Exavier Pope, a passionate yogi that’s been a part of the Bare Feet community for the past few years. Exavier leads workshops and Hip Hop flow classes regularly, so check him out soon!
When do you regularly teach at Bare Feet?

Hip hop flow turns up Tuesdays 5:30p at Bare Feet Loft, and Saturdays 6pm at the Studio followed by a wine social after. Every third Thursday 6:30pm at the loft Hip Hop Flow is with a Live DJ and a wine tasting and other West Loop treats!

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Chaturanga. It is a foundation pose for many other yoga poses. Mastering chaturanga gives us strength and stability to flow easier with confidence.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Suits. I like mixing and matching colors, patterns, pocket squares, lapel pins, vests, tie bars, you name it!

Do you have any pets?

Nope, but animals love me!

Who is your celebrity crush?

Me! After that Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. Two superheroes belong together!

What’s your go-to West Loop post-yoga snack stop?

Whole Foods!!!

When you’re not at Bare Feet you are ________Being an amazing dad to my 3 kids, creating media content for major news outlets, trying to ditch the lawyer in me, and drinking whiskey. All separately of course!

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what book, movie, and song would you choose to read, watch and listen to for the rest of your life?

If I was stuck on a deserted island, I would hope I had my Bare Feet community with me!

Book: The Power of Now by Elkhart Tolle

Movie: The Secret

Song: Freddie Freeloader by Miles Davis


Outside of yoga in a studio, what else do you do to stay active and healthy?

I do Pilates, boxing, lift weights and I eat gluten free. I also eschew fried foods, and I have been intermittent fasting for 4 1/2 years. I also meditate regularly.

Anything else you want to share with the Bare Feet world?!

Dance like nobody’s watching!

You can follow Exavier on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and snapchat (exavierpope).


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