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If you’re curious about this weekend’s upcoming chakra workshops with Joanna Zabiega, keep reading.  In the interview below, Joanna shares how delving deeper into her knowledge of chakras helped her become more in tune with herself and her journey into her own beliefs.

Why are there three sessions?  Can you help me understand the differences between them?

                I want to share not just what the chakras are but how can they be useful in taking an active role in our own healing process and forming our identity, which is multi-faceted and exists on different levels.  All three workshops involve a yoga flow, reflection, discussion, a few helpful steps/tools, and a meditation to tie it all together.

  • Root to Rise covers the first three chakras: the root, sacral, and solar plexus. These are much denser, located in the lower part of the body, govern our physical needs, and start the formation of our identity on a personal level related to our outside world.
  • Love is Light, is about the heart. You can think of your heart as the center of your body and it is the center of the whole chakra system, all about love and compassion. This is where we form our identity from within ourselves and how we use that to relate to other people.
  • Expression and Expansion, is about the upper three chakras: the throat, third eye, and crown. Here we start thinking bigger picture, how do we fit in our society as well as connect to something outside of us, on a bigger universal level.

I am trying to decide which of the workshops to attend.  How do I know which one is right for me?

                The chakra system is a system that needs each part to do its job to work well as a whole! It’d be awesome to attend all three, but you can pick where you might need some guidance in your life or what you’re working on. If you are feeling a little ungrounded, unsure of yourself, fear change, or just want to know how to build a solid foundation for yourself in the world, come check out Root to Rise! If you’re working on loving yourself and wanting to show up with more loving kindness for others, come check out Love is Light. If you’re wondering, what am I doing with my life (I think this a lot haha), want to understand how to connect to others and something greater than ourselves, or want to explore your spiritually more, definitely come to Expression and Expansion! What I really want to stress, is that self-empowerment, healing, and even growth is all a process and I want to equip you with knowledge and give you tools to make it a little easier along the way!

How do I know if I have a chakra imbalance?

                The chakras are always active just because we are constantly interacting with the world around us. Imbalances can show up in physical ways as discomfort or dis-ease. That is not to say all the physical things that happen to us are related back to our chakras. I think everyone, or at least most people have an imbalance somewhere at some point in their lives. These are not negative feelings as they are part of being human, but rather shadow feelings that can signify an imbalance and require us to explore a little.


How has tuning into chakras been important for your journey?

                Learning about the chakras has  lessened my bouts of existential crises of who am I and what am I doing these past few years. Learning about the chakras has definitely helped to put my whole journey into perspective. Growing up I was the super shy, self-conscious, low self-esteem nerdy kid, always doing what I was told. It wasn’t until I had that “good job” that I realized I was completely miserable and that was not want I wanted. Yoga changed everything for me because it empowered me. I dived more into the chakras after doing my teacher training, and knowledge of the chakra system has given me a greater awareness of what I’ve been doing and in a way given me a roadmap of where I’m going. More specifically of how I am in my own way in my beliefs about myself and what lessons do I still need to learn. I completely believe knowledge is power and the chakras have become an important tool in my tool belt on top of yoga. My answer to almost everything is “do more yoga,” but understanding the chakras has helped me go deeper into my practice and deeper into myself, and here’s the important part, with love and kindness. It all comes back to that, to our heart, our center, our breath, our true power.


Root to Rise

Love is Light

Expression and Expansion



Sacral Solar Plexus Heart Throat Third Eye


Central Focus


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