Shut Up and Flow Master Class

Shut Up & Flow Master

We caught up with Erin Smid, creator of Shut Up and Flow, to preview her upcoming 90-minute Master Class on February 3rd.  This very special workshop with be Erin’s first class back after maternity leave, so be sure to catch her while she’s here!

What started as one Thursday afternoon class in 2014 has grown into five classes in just over three years.  The class started out as a way to release and decompress after the stresses and buildup of the week.  Erin elaborated, “whatever you’re carrying, whatever is going on in your head, whatever stories you’ve been building, whatever you’ve been telling yourself throughout the week, the month, or your entire life, drop all that and turn to movement instead and really just work in your own body and just let go.”

With the extra 30 minutes of class, we’ll dive deeper into the reasons why we flow, connect with each other, and build a sense of community.  “So much of the element of flow in class is that you’re really in this experience with everybody around you, so it can be a very personal and powerful experience to flow in that way and having that connection with the people you are flowing with just makes it all that much better,” Erin explained.

Need any more reasons to sign up for class?  As a proponent for yoga as a way to sort through some of the mental clutter, Erin has also led Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Relief workshops at Bare Feet.  In this extended class, she’ll incorporate many of those helpful nuggets into your practice.  “The idea of this as an extended or master class is to take some of those elements from Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Relief and really bring it to light in Shut Up and Flow so it’s not just a purely athletic class but also incorporates the why you are doing it while you are doing it.”

Erin Smid received her 200RYT with Debbie Williamson in 2013.  She started teaching at Bare Feet shortly after and about a year into teaching she developed Shut Up and Flow as a way to tackle her anxiety disorder.  She and her husband Drew welcomed beautiful twin boys this past year.

Shut Up and Flow Master Class Workshop Information

Challenge yourself with a vigorous and dynamic all-levels shut up and flow with an emphasis on letting go and creating space. Explore why and how the class works to combat stress, anxiety and depression. You will build a deeper connection with yourself and your community and burn your fears. This workshop is intended for you, right now, exactly where you are at.

Date: Feb 03 2018

From: 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Location: Bare Feet Power Yoga

Cost: $25

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