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If you’ve been to Bare Foot before, you know that we provide lots of opportunities to get upside down in many of our classes. Wonder why we teach to these powerful poses? Here are a couple reasons why inversions benefit your body, mind, and soul:

Improved Circulation

Gravity is a powerful thing! When you’re inverted, gravity directs blood flow to your head, improving your ability to focus, concentrate and process tasks. This blood carries oxygen and other nutrients nourishing your brain even more.

Increased Energy

Increased blood flow to the brain is incredibly invigorating and revitalizing, resulting in increased energy and mental stamina.


Shoulder stand and legs up the wall are more calming and cooling inversions which activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This helps calm the body and mind and give you a sense of balance and peace.

Increased Immunity

Your body’s health partly relies upon your lymphatic system. As lymph moves through your body, it picks up toxins and carries them to lymph nodes to be eliminated. Lymph is moved through the body by muscle contraction and gravity. By turning your body upside down, you help move lymph to key areas of the body (like the lungs) more quickly and easily.

Improved Balance

Learning to find balance in inversions is a good practice for finding balance in your life off the mat as well. Inversions require patience, practice, and being present in the moment; all qualities that can help create balance in your life.

Increased Muscle & Core Strength

Getting upside down requires a lot of strength! In particular, it exercises your shoulder, arm, and core muscles. If you have a strong lower body, practicing inversions can help to balance you out up top.


Like life, yoga is about the journey, not the destination! Each time you try an inversion you are in a learning experience, and often times you will shake, fall, lose your balance. Moving through this learning experience and not giving up helps you practice patience and kindness to yourself.


Inversions, and yoga overall, invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and take a look at your habits and patterns. By physically turning yourself upside down you invite change and new perspective into your mind.


While it is nice when things come easily to you, accomplishing something that took practice and effort is seriously rewarding. When you work to achieve something, it builds your confidence so you can overcome challenges in the future.

Fun & Playfulness

Yoga does not always have to be serious; life is already serious enough. Your practice is a wonderful time to invite fun and playfulness into your life. Smile, do what you love, and open your heart to having fun on your mat!

Interested in learning more? Check out one of our upcoming inversion workshops this fall!

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