Halloween: the Wonder, Possibility, the Growth


By: Danielle Wilson

Halloween, and the many cozy and mysterious fall days surrounding it, is one of my absolute favorite times of year. The changing leaves of gold and red bring a rare beauty to the landscape, while crisp air hits sweatered skin. Beanies bopping on top of heads and apples bobbing in buckets, the embrace of autumn can be so homey and sweet. In striking, yet perfect, contrast, Halloween’s eerie and wonderous presence meets with this familial essence and together they birth an energy so potent with possibility! With winter holidays around the corner, there are social occasions which spark curiosity as to just how magical and joyous the season will be. New Year’s brings with it the potential for growth, accomplishment, and a fresh start. On a more ancestral level, this time of Harvest creates an excitement around reaping the fruits of our labor—in every regard. But it is a different kind of possibility that peaks my interest most on Halloween, and that is the freedom to embody versions of yourself that live outside your narrative. Simply put, the chance to dress up in a costume and let loose!

We all have aspects of our personality that we overly identify with. If you asked me to describe myself, I would most likely mention that I am a hard worker, an artist, a lover and seeker of wisdom, a planner, a thinker, a leader, and an earthy little hippie. There is truth to each of these characteristics remaining present within me, but to describe myself solely as a mix of these attributes would be false on any day. In all honesty, I am an infinite number of things—and so are you—with every facet of our person alive in us at different levels, in different ways, at different times. When we overly identify with select traits, we create a narrative about the person we are, in turn, establishing a narrative for that which we are not. So many intriguing and valuable portions of our person are lost sight of in the process, and sometimes forgotten all together. Unfortunately, peaceful contentment cannot be found when we fail to nurture ALL of what makes us who we are, and so there’s Halloween: a chance to balance the scale a bit and allow those buried parts of our soul to make face!

This year, I celebrated All Hallows Eve as Ariana Grande, one of the most fierce and fabulous Queens of Pop! I’m a huge fan of Ari—her music brings out a confidence in me that’s exhilarating and makes me want to dance! In a stroke of genius, I decided (day of) to transform into this symbol for female strength, empowerment, and sexuality, and I must say, my costume was spot on. With a ponytail draping down to my waist and boots rising as high as my thighs, I felt like a Queen, myself! Strutting around in an air of rapidly increasing confidence, the night I spent embodying Ariana made me remember something about myself: I AM A BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, CONFIDENT QUEEN!

Becoming Ariana didn’t make me this cute, social butterfly ready to step into my spotlight, I am alreadythose things to begin with! The excuse Halloween provided me with to become anyone or anything I’d like to be was just the push I needed to get outside of my comfort zone and embody facets of my being that laid dormant in me for so long. Once in a state of mind to be open to all that I am, I realized just how much fun it is to let other parts of my person come out to play! It was refreshing, revitalizing even! The next day, I felt like I had added an entirely new layer of exciting possibility to my life and my being. What once hid in the shadows, is now out for me and everyone else to see, and it is empowering to know I have the support of those attributes to help me grow, learn, and succeed in all of my endeavors.

Who knew that Halloween could provide such an incredible platform for internal growth and discovery?! With light and playful energy in the air, I dare you to open yourself to the many aspects of YOU this holiday! Play the trick of embodying someone or something that feels so far outside of you and be blessed with the treat of getting to know and love yourself a little more than you did before. Happy Halloween!

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