Hip Openers to Hinder Negativity

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Practicing yoga brings up all sorts of emotions. You may find yourself smiling and joyful in one moment and then as soon as you drop into pigeon you find yourself a little more melancholy or sad.

When we work with the body, we are undoubtedly working with the mind, but also tapping into the energy system, which serves as the bridge between the body and mind. Yoga is a powerful practice that helps us progress internally and externally, and release that which does not serve us, which likely includes negative emotions.

Many people store negative emotions and experiences in parts of their bodies, which can lead to physical and mental disorders. The hips are one of the main areas that serve as a warehouse for these kinds of emotions. Which is why it is oh so important to incorporate hip openers into your yoga practice regularly!

Here are a couple poses to help you release negativity stored in your hips!

Warrior II

This pose is a powerful pose that work towards freeing up the hip joint and release any pent-up tension, both physically and emotionally.

Low Lunge

Lunges are great for targeting the groin, thighs and inner hips. Sitting for prolonged periods of time, whether it be from traveling or working, can cause the body to feel stiff, which leads to tightness and can ultimately stir up negativity, or allow it to settle into the body.

Happy Baby

This calming hip opener offers a gentle way to let it all go.

Pigeon Pose

This posture is all about the hips. Do your best to relax once you’re in it, allowing yourself to truly let go as the negative energy is released and your physical tension lets up through this deep hip opener.

Low Yogi Squat (Malasana)

Squats dig deep into the lower body. This empowering pose allows you to both stretch your hips as well as open up your lower back (an important combination!).

Standing Figure 4 Pose

This balancing pose requires focus allowing your racing thoughts to dissipate.

Cow Face Pose

This pose requires a fair amount of warm-up prior, but once you’re in it breathe deeply and relax the muscles of shoulders, neck, and face.

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