Improve Your Practice, One Workshop at a Time

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This fall, invest in yourself.  Take the extra steps to improve your yoga practice and see what’s possible by stepping out of your comfort zone! Start by trying one new class or workshop a month. Here’s what’s coming up at Bare Feet:

Want to revisit the fundamentals? Check out one of our beginner’s workshops to dig in on chaturangas, up-dogs, down-dogs and what the heck a halfway lift is in these two hour workshops.

Looking to get off your wrists? Spend some time with Erin Gam’s at her Wristasana workshop

So you want to stand on your hands? Two workshops for you! Low flying for those arm balances a lil closer to the floor first and then you’ll be more than ready for the slow pressed special all led by Ali B. These fill up fast, so reserve your spot and get ready for lift off.

Do you grimace your way through wheel pose? Ouch. Something’s not right. Learn to love your wheel (among other backbands) this fall with Siobhan.

Sign up for any of these workshops here!

Is there something you want to learn about that we’re not covering? Send us a note at!

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