Kind of like a Kangaroo


By: Danielle Wilson

I’ve been dabbling in reading tarot cards, as of late. It’s a form of spiritual practice and connection that I have always fostered interest in—I’ve been receiving readings since I was 18—and finally feel in touch with my intuition enough to overcome what was once the intimidating endeavor of reading tarot (gasp!). When I arrived in the occult bookstore near my home, for the third time, as they were completely dry of tarot decks during my first two attempts, I had anticipated spending ample time looking at the decks, holding them, feeling their energy and the way in which each resonated with mine, but as I walked up to the glass case, freshly decorated with a variety of tarot and oracle cards, crystals, and incense, my eyes drew like magnets to a pale green deck with light, gentle lines and pastel colors. A beautiful elephant presented herself with pride atop the box, and I knew right then that this was the deck for me.

The artist and creator of this deck, my deck, Paulina Cassidy, took the traditional energy of each card and matched it with its respective spirit animal. Well, now this animal lover has hit her tarot jackpot, hasn’t she?! From raccoons to rhinos, dragonflies to jaguars, my newest divine possession allows me to find guidance and wisdom through the inspiring nature of animals. I’ve found so much peace and clarity through these cards that I’ve started pulling one at the beginning of each week as a way to inspire and set intention in my life. This week, I happened upon the Kangaroo. To be honest, at first, I was kind of bummed, “ehh, what’s so special about a kangaroo,” I thought, “they aren’t majestic, delicate, mysterious or inviting.” But then, I started to read the provided description of the Kangaroo, her energy, and her place in our lives; within the first two sentences, my eyes widened, heart brightened, and inspiration flooded my soul.

“Through unchartered territories, Kangaroo leaps towards her goals. Additionally, she jumps at the sheer joy of being alive.”

Paulina Cassidy (Spiritsong Tarot)

These words sunk into my being. I read them and read them again. They spoke to the Type A, goal-oriented busy bee living inside me, and helped her see things differently than ever before. 

As a yogi, I’ve known, understood and attempted to instill the concept of complete presence and joy for the simple sensation of life. The workaholic in me is rooted so deeply, I don’t think she’ll ever not be a part of my being, as she isan integral facet of what makes me, me. It took some time, but eventually this dominant part of me agreed to recognize the importance of taking time to just live. It’s difficult. My entire adult life has been an elongated string of to-do lists: always choosing productivity, never feeling accomplished enough to take a break, and aggressively judging myself when I tried. The first time I promised myself to spend my day off doing something that had zero productivity benefits other than simply enjoying myself, it was physically painful for me to take my laptop and planner out of my bag—I’m serious, it literally made my stomach hurt! I knew it was important to make the time, mostly because in the end it would boost my energy, heighten my focus, and lead a refreshed me back into the goal-oriented activities…wow, that Type A even found a way to make downtime about herself *insert eyeroll*. 

Ms. Kangaroo brought something new to light: what if I utilize the same type of energy I expend on my goals, on being fully present and alive within the moment to moment happenings in life? What if it isn’t so much about making time to shift into a different type of “downtime energy,” and more so about directing this high vibrational, go-getter persona on more than just accomplishing my largest goals? What if I diverted a portion of that energy into the mere experience of being alive?! Kangaroo shows us that it is possible to leap fearlessly into the unknown of our goals while simultaneously bringing just as much gusto to falling head-over-heels in love with life! 

Now, I’ve only been saturating myself in this intention for less than a week, but I will tell you, usually my busy weeks (like the one I’m living in now) cause me an immense amount of stress and anxiety; I then have to recruit my mindfulness tools as best I can to douse the fire of my anxious energy. This week, however, the simple act of perceiving every portion of life—the goals, the breaks, the successes, the failures—as something deserving of my most quality focus and energy, has transformed my experience completely. By nature, with this theme as my foundation, I feel as if I can take each day, each moment even, as they come. I’m in it, this thing we call life, with as much joy and light as I can conjure up. From this place, the lines between the responsibilities and R&R begin to blur—in the best way! It all feels as if the areas of life I used to categorize as separate, are now simply flowing in and out of each other, effortlessly, a river of life moving through one terrain and into the next.

Take a moment to ponder what you put your highest vibrational energy and focus into: your job, your kids, your workout? Welcome that precise energy to funnel into every other area of your life, rather than dripping a diluted version of it into the facets that happen to land low on your priority list. Imagine the sheer joy and divine energy you’ll bring to each day if just a portion of it was spent on celebrating your raw aliveness, in a similar way you celebrate your most honored successes! It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. It doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. You are whole enough and radiant enough to shed your brightest light on every little part of life, and you. Let’s go, Kangaroo.

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