Music Monday!

music monday-2

Well, we asked, you answered, and together, WE DELIVERED!

Check out this insanely eclectic BFPY Community Playlist! I swear, I had SO much fun creating this from the pool of suggestions you all contributed to. It served as a beautiful reminder of just how unique our community is. Our interest in music varies across the board, but it goes to show how different forms of sensation make individuals feel ALIVE! The coolest thing is, while some of us are head banging to heavy metal, others are swaying to acoustic jams, or shaking to pop songs, we have a common love that brings us together: self care, self love, and celebration of self through yoga!

Community doesn’t mean we have to be likeminded, enjoy the same hobbies or interests, or even listen to the same music. Community means we have a genuine love for life that we share together, meanwhile celebrating our differences, as that is what makes a group dynamic so interesting, impactful, and fulfilling!


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