My Journey into Yoga


Part I of II

By: Alex Sabbag

For nearly 20 years I have explored a fickle relationship with yoga chalk full of frustration by the inability to contort my long — generally inflexible and far from graceful — body into pretzel-like shapes or touch my toes. It wasn’t until completing the Chicago Marathon five years ago that I decided to give my joints a rest and offer yoga a more prominent role in my ever-evolving fitness routine. 

I found my home at Bare Feet Power Yoga and quickly traded strides for sun salutations. My practice became more regular and quickly I considered yoga as my primary form of exercise. In the summer of 2018 everything changed and yoga’s higher power struck. I had a personally profound epiphany at some unidentified point during a particular practice and awoke to the fact that this was no longer an exercise hobby, this was a part of my soul. In search of why, I embarked upon Bare Feet’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. 

I believe yoga is a personal journey that has the power to heal and transform our lives. I have experienced this spiritual, life-altering power in the poses and pranayama that connect our mind, body and soul to a higher power throughout practice.

In a way, yoga has been with me from the beginning. We enter this Earth taking a huge breath and making our presence known with sound and movement. From our first seconds on this planet, we are doing the yoga. Sure, I practice yoga – #everydamnday – but beyond the 60 minutes on my mat, I live it, breathe it, and trust the guiding light within that I am on the right journey.

Meet the author…

My name is Alex. I was born in Des Moines, Iowa and migrated to Chicago to attend DePaul University, where I graduated with a BA in Communications in 2007. My adult life spent in the business of PR, nearly a decade of which I’ve been an entrepreneur running my non-profit consulting firm, AM Consultants Group. My life resume is always expanding, holding numerous titles which include dog mom to Mr. Alfie, writer, small business founder, methodical chef, travel junkie, wine enthusiast and now, yoga teacher. 

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