The Power of Unplugging – Part 1


There’s no way to say it without sounding like a grouchy senior citizen, but cell phones are everywhere! Unless you’re flowing through a class at Bare Feet in the studio’s phone-free zone, there’s a pretty good chance your phone is within arm’s reach (you might even be reading on it right now!). The average person checks their phone over 110 times a day. Each time, our brains are seeking that hit of dopamine we get from a new notification, text, snap, like, or comment. Like any habit loop, the craving and reward system builds power and momentum over us and the way our minds function. Don’t think you’re that involved? Check out this smartphone compulsion test from the Center For Internet and Technology Addiction to see!  

Just as your phone’s battery has to be recharged, your brain needs time to recharge. While phones undoubtedly give us the power to connect, work, play, and learn in unprecedented ways there is a lot to be said for unplugging. Unplugging creates more room for mindfulness and reflecting.  So often we scurry from place to place, task to task, focused on our connections to others and to work, but what time do we take on and off our mats to connect to ourselves?

This month we’ll take some time on the blog to focus on the Power of Unplugging. Let us know what you think! What strategies have worked for you with unplugging? What’s the biggest challenge we face in unplugging?

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