The Power of Unplugging – Part 2!


When setting goals, we often think of what we want to do LESS. I want to stop eating so many carbs, I want to waste less time on Facebook, I want to spend less money on eating out. While the intent behind these improvements tends to be good, we are not always setting ourselves up for success. When focused on what we want less of, we ignore the power of an abundance mindset that uses positive motivation to guide us through our goals.

To unlock the power of unplugging, it is helpful to think of what we want to do MORE. What would you do with an extra hour in the day? Go to bed earlier and sleep more? Prep a healthy lunch for the next morning and have more energy instead of hitting that afternoon slump? Read more? Meet up with friends for more face to face time? Go to more yoga classes?

By focusing in on what we want MORE of, we are naturally inspired to cut out the obstacles and barriers to things in our way–20 minutes less spent on work emails that could probably wait until tomorrow become 20 more minutes to do a face mask or call your college roommate to catch up. 30 minutes reading The New Yorker on your commute so you can learn more about new software catching serial killers replaces 30 minutes scrolling through your Instagram feed wondering how other people get their partner to take cute candid pictures of them with sweet captions when yours just posts Ron Swanson quotes.

So where do we begin? Start with big thoughts and small actions. If you had one bonus extra day in a week with no plans or obligations, what would you do with it? What would you do MORE of? Write it down, draw it out, get it out of your mind and somewhere concrete. Now looking at that thing you want more of, how can you get a taste of that today? If your day would be spent at the beach swinging in a hammock, spend 5 minutes away from devices meditating in the sun.

By slowly pulling in what we want more of, we unplug our energy from distractions naturally and send it towards creating joy in our lives.

So let us know–what are those things you want MORE of?

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