To Yoga or No-ga When You’re Sick

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So you’re feeling less than 100 percent and debating hitting up yoga or hitting it hard on the couch? First things first, listen to your doctor! Beyond that, listen to your body! A couple tips if you do decide to practice.

Not wanting to even go out in public? Try taking a class online! You can’t go wrong with Yogaglo, and they even have a trial membership. There’s so much variety so you can find something slow or super focused depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Let the teacher know if you do make it to class. They can offer modifications and suggestions as you move throughout class.

Try a slower class more restorative class to give your body a little love as it gets back into its groove. We’ve got some great options over at the LOFT during the week, give those a try!

Feeling dehydrated after class? Try some electrolytes like Ultima to rehydrate and refuel.

Most of all, take care of your body and get a good night of sleep!

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