Victoria Cohen, Our Very Own California Girl

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Victoria Cohen comes to Bare Feet from California, bringing sunshine and sweat into every class she teaches and takes. Seriously though, have you taken her class? She always incorporates creative flows and fun core work that lead to a dreamy savasana. Victoria did her teacher training at Bare Feet and took the leap to teach full-time after working at PepsiCo for quite some time. Read on to find out more about her!

When do you regularly teach at Bare Feet?

Mondays at 5:45am,  Fridays at 8:30am and 10am

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Right now triangle and full splits. This changes all the time but right now I am loving some good back of the leg stretches and I adore how these poses compliment one another.

What’s your go-to West Loop post-yoga snack stop?

In the morning always an espresso from Starbucks, in the afternoon usually whole foods salad bar, although I cannot wait for Sweet Green to join the best loop community for awesome salads (OMG neither can the rest of us!)

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what movie would you choose to watch for the rest of your life?

Father of the Bride

Who is your celebrity crush?

I am a total bandwagon celebrity crush person, based on whatever I have seen or heard recently. In this moment I would say it has to be Justin Timberlake

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Sunbathing, I love nothing more than soaking up the rays but I try to be cautious of wearing sunscreen and not overdoing it!

When you’re not at Bare Feet you are ________If I am in town, you can find me trekking all over the west loop! I feel like I live my whole little life within an 8 block radius and I walk the same circuit every day it seems! I spend a lot of time down the street at the Soho House gym practicing new flows and workouts/spin sessions! If I am out of town you can probably find me in Southern California visiting my family!

Outside of yoga in a studio, what else do you do to stay active and healthy?

Sleep!!! I am a big believer in getting enough sleep, not too much but 8 hours is great for me. So when I can, I do my best to wind down early enough to sneak in 8 hours – which can be hard with those early morning classes :-)

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