What the Fascia?


By: Maggie Umberger

If you know me, you know how much I love to learn. I’ll soak up any training opportunity or experience I can get my hands on, and there’s no deviation from that theme in my life when it comes to yoga. In 2019 I took on a 300-hour extended training with my teacher, Adam Whiting, that focused a whole lot on anatomy, sequencing, and how a better understanding of the subtle body could help you in your yoga teaching (and practicing) journey. 

Meanwhile, I’ve also been a regular patient at Delos Therapy, a pain management clinic in Chicago that focuses on alleviating their clients’ chronic muscular pain, inflammation, and muscle dysfunction through mechanical pressure specifically along the lines of hyper-contracted fascia to restore muscle pliability.

Every time I visit my Delos, I use it not only as a method to relieve tight muscles and connective tissue, but as an anatomy refresher. Just about every other minute I’m on the table I’m asking, “Now, is that teres minor or lat?” or “Are you working more anterior traps or sternocleidomastoid there?” 

I know. It’s excessive. But, I love to learn. 

After finishing up the module of my 300-hour on the subtle body, in which we dove deeper into our fascial lines, I had even MORE to talk about and ask of my friends at Delos Therapy. Because Delos is founded on the principles that we learned the ins and outs of in this latest yoga training: your connective tissue is intrinsically linked to the way your muscles function (or don’t) – and attempting to address one without the other is not a very productive use of your time. 

That’s why on Saturday, February 22 from 12:30-2:30 pm, Eric Owens, co-founder of Delos Therapy, will be joining me for a workshop at Bare Feet Power Yoga. We’ll dive into what the heck fascia even is, why we should care about it, and how understanding its properties can change our yoga practice. 

Owens graduated from Midwestern University with a Master’s Degree in biomedical science, and brings his wellbeing insights as a lifelong professional table tennis athlete; his accomplishments include three-time US National champion, Pan American Games gold and bronze medalist, USA Athlete of the Year, nine-time National Team member, and inducted into USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame.

Owens’ passions include wellness, fitness, plant-based diet (born a vegetarian), meditation, fasting, anti-aging, robotics and AI, and adventure sports. He is also a co-founder of sister company, Delos Robotics, which is a robotics and AI approach to automate Delos Therapy treatments alleviating chronic pain for the masses.

Considering Owens has dedicated his life’s work to understanding fascia, this two-hour workshop will be just the start of the conversation. I hope you walk away from it with a general understanding of the concept of what fascia is and its main functions in the body. In the 50-minute yoga practice as part of the workshop, I hope you feel the innate intelligence your body contains through these deep connective tissues from your head to your toes. And when you head home, we hope to offer you at-home techniques you can use on your own, whenever you need, for effective “Delos-yourself” approved myofascial release that will help keep your body moving efficiently, and pain-free.

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