Yogi Gift Guide

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Have a friend or family member that spends as much time on their mat as they do at home? This holiday season, give them a gift that supports their practice! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites below for your yoga-loving guy or gal.

Yoga Mat

If they’re practicing on the reg, it might be time to invest in a personal yoga mat! You can’t go wrong with the Lululemon Mat that prevents slippage in even the sweatiest of classes. For the yogi on the go, Jade makes an amazing eco-friendly travel mat that is super light and can handle hot and sweaty on the run.

Dharma Wheel

This. Thing. Is. Magic. Seriously though, it works wonders to open your back and supports your spine in the juiciest of backbends. It’s a must for any yogi and you’ll probably just want to buy one for yourself as well. Buy it here.

Intention Cards


Pick up these intention cards that are perfect for a stocking stuffer or Secret Santa. They’ll inspire and empower anyone to live life as their very best self.

Meditation Supplies

For the yogi that’s finding some comfort in stillness, feed their meditation practice with a journal and meditation book. A couple BFPY meditation favorites include Journey to the Heart and Meditations from the Mat. 

Yoga: Reference to Go

Road warriors will love this yoga deck of cards with sequences and pose breakdowns to support a quick self practice. It’s packable and easily digestible.

Looking for something not listed above? Check back again next week for even more gift inspiration!






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