9.30 Prenatal Workshop

Prental Yoga 2_Social

Pregnancy is indicative of health and strength, and yoga is an incredible way for you to explore the awesome changes in your body during fertility, pregnancy and after. These workshops will NOT be heated and are geared toward expectant parents, those who are preparing for pregnancy, women who are 6 weeks to 18 months post-birth, and anyone supporting someone who is pregnant.

Each month, you will learn tools for healthy pregnancy, fertility and beyond including relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and poses to strengthen and tone your body, along with relieving tension and common aches and pains. Every workshop will also include some discussion as well as time for questions and socialization. The workshops are designed to accommodate for the needs of everyone who shows up! Both experienced yogis and beginners will enjoy and benefit from the experience.

This monthly class builds on the Bare Feet community, helping you feel more committed to your practice and connected to each other. The workshop is flexible for your individual needs, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure you’ll be pregnant, or if you have a complication that prevents you from full participation. You can begin at any time and it is never too late to start!


Please email Erin Smid at erin@barefeetpoweryoga.com with any questions.

Cost: $35/workshop

Bare Feet Power Yoga
1006 W Monroe St.

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