Fuel Your Inner Fire on June 9


Your third chakra, the solar plexus, represents the seat of your willpower – the fire that fuels the core of your being. It holds important lessons for us as we examine our multi-faceted identities in the context of the greater world.
Join us for an exploration of your solar plexus! We will learn tools to build a powerful inner fire and dive into the role of the solar plexus within the overall chakra system. Chakras are powerful energy centers that not only connect to different parts of the physical body, but also regulate different aspects of our emotional lives. By developing an awareness of our chakras, we can become active participants in our own healing journey, work to create greater emotional balance, and ultimately lead more authentic lives.

In this workshop we will
· Enjoy a quick overview of the chakra energy system to understand their relation to your emotions
· Specifically dive deeper into the solar plexus and its relations to the other chakras—we will build on the lessons of chakra 1 (root) and 2 (sacral) and explore the important relationships to chakra 4 (heart) and 6 (third eye)
· Engage in a yoga flow designed to build strength, heat your body, and activate your center
· Experience guided self-reflection and card pulling to dive deep into the lessons represented by the third chakra
· Learn to use meditation as a means to promote a deeper level of healing
· Leave feeling empowered to take action in your life, equipped with an interactive workbook detailing what you’ve learned and tools for next steps to keep your fire strong and bright!

Cost: $35

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