Margo Kellinson Weekend in June


Special Guest Teacher Margo Kellinson Lightburn is coming to our studio June 29-July 1 for a weekend filled with yoga! Check out her schedule and sign up below!

Vino & Vinyasa

Join Margo for 75 minutes of Flow at our Studio on June 29th at 5:30pm.

Regular class pricing applies

The Lightburn Methods and Modalities on June 30

Find the real fluidity and where you’re light but you love the burn in your flow. Like liquid eventually all runs the same direction, in this workshop we’ll find ourselves in traditional poses but through unexpected and unique transitions. Like a Waze app route you’ve never taken home, you’ll find a deeper strength and understanding of poses you’ve been doing for years… You’ll get 2.5 hours of new patterns and techniques to turn the volume up on your practice and make it more dynamic, more powerful, healthier, safer, lighter and yes more burn.

The Lightburn Flow on July 1

Find light and levity of your heart and soul but the burn and satisfaction of sweat, work, fun, and music. Weaving together the methods and transitions from Saturday we’ll flow with a new awareness and focus on getting on our hands and making our legs the powerhouses they’re meant to be, losing all our inhibitions on our mats. Get ready to have fun and feel the Lightburn!

Yoga experience encouraged, but all levels welcome.

Cost: $50
Cost for Both Saturday & Sunday Workshops with Margo: $95

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