Root Chakra & Acupuncture Workshop on March 23


Spring is the earth’s nature rebirth cycle. Our bodies, mind & spirit feel this resurgence of light, warmth and renewed energy as intuitively as the plants and animals all around us. Join Julianne Farrell and Dr. Callista Lay as they awaken you to your own root energy and lay the ground work for balance support of your entire chakra system! Acupuncture is a vehicle used to promote self healing, improve function of the body, and balance energy within ones self. Acupuncture is commonly used to promote restful sleep, improve digestion, lessen depression and anxiety, provide pain relief, and also create a feeling of blissful relaxation. With the use of yoga and acupuncture, this workshop will promote stability and a healthy, loving relationship within yourself to spring forward in your life.

$50 Yoga + Acupuncture (6 needles per person) & Refreshments

Bare Feet Loft
1142 W. Madison St

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