The Mat Experience – 4/27

Maggie Discussion

In this workshop, we’ll explore just what we mean by taking yoga OFF your mat. One of the most powerful things yoga can do for us is get is out of our heads, into the present moment. We’re able to practice mindfulness in unparalleled ways when we’re really in the zone in a yoga class. This workshop will explore all that you can actually do when you take all that energy you create and put it to good use right away. The first portion of this workshop will be master class-style; we’ll flow through a two-hour practice that builds in ways we’re never quite able to in a traditional vinyasa class. The second portion of this class will be a 30-minute guided journaling exercise. Maggie will offer prompts geared towards channeling mindful energy towards goal setting, reflection and gratitude.

Cost: $30 for Members || $40 for Non Members

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