Yoga Nidra & Meditation

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Ali Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep, is a restorative practice open to all levels. You will enjoy a deep therapeutic savasana in the soothing space of the Bare Feet Power Yoga Community. There are a few requirements involved for Yoga Nidra Class: listen to the tranquil voice of the instructor, simultaneously feel the body point mentioned, limit your movement, and try not to fall asleep! Feel free to wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket or towel to place on top of your body for extra coziness and get ready to settle in for the healing benefits of an ultimate relaxation induced meditation.

Meditation is the art of inner stillness and self awareness, and the secret to inner joy and peace! Learn to navigate your thoughts, slow down your mental chatter, and build moments of clarity through this 30 minute Guided Meditation Class. Breath techniques, visual imagery, sound vibrations and pure stillness will be utilized! Leave feeling renewed, fresh and actively present in your day!