Robin Samples – Founder & CEO

Robin combines her athletic knowledge with her kind nature and teaches classes that are challenging yet lighthearted. Her classes are filled with positive vibes, intelligent sequences, and a sense of play! While a sweaty power yoga flow is definitely her jam, she also believes yoga is about so much more than the poses we practice. Robin inspires her students to live their best lives off the mat and welcomes everyone that walks into her studio with open arms, an open heart, and an open mind.

Robin began teaching in 2009. She has her 200 hour certification with Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga and her 500 hour certification with Wild Abundant Life. Before opening her studio she attended the business school at the University of Iowa, where she was a collegiate swimmer and team captain, then worked in the Sales & Marketing departments for two large corporations. Her love for business was infused by her passion for yoga during her first teacher training. It was then she began dreaming of owning her own studio. In 2012, Robin decided to take a leap of faith and opened Bare Feet Power Yoga in Chicago’s West Loop!

Ali Brashler – Manager & Lead Educator

Ali began practicing yoga in college as a way to reconnect with the natural movements that she loved growing up competing in gymnastics and cheerleading. Soon after she began practicing yoga it became apparent that it had far more benefits than just increased flexibility and a great workout – yoga became a powerful outlet in her life as she continued to sculpt a stronger body and develop a more open mind.

After graduating from Indiana University in 2010 Ali began working in the yoga industry and later received her Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (RTY200) hour certification through Yoga View in Chicago in 2012. In the summer of 2014 she studied under Debbie Williamson and Wild Abundant Life to become a Certified Yoga Assistant. Ali is now an ambassador for Lululemon and has studied under Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Rachel Brathen, Ray Long, Sianna Sherman and many amazing yogis in the Chicago community.

Ali primarily teaches Vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on alignment and believes that yoga is for everybody! In class she always addresses the mind-body connection that can turn daily stress into a tool for self growth. Ali feels that yoga has brought about positive change in every aspect of her life and loves to share the transformative power of yoga with others.

Julianne Farrell – Community Coordinator

After twenty plus years in the Chicago event planning industry and hours of standing on her feet, Julianne Farrell, was drawn to teach yoga as she saw its ability to reduce stress, rid the body of chronic pain, become leaner, joyful and empowered to lead a vibrant lifestyle.

A graduate of Deborah Williamson’s Wild Abundant Life 200 and 500 Hour Teacher Trainings, Julianne is exhilarated by her ability to connect with others and honored to share in their journey.  Her feet our firmly rooted in a dynamic Vinyasa flow where body, breath and movement create a powerful and playful landscape.  Yet her heart lies in the profound healing gifts of Yin and Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.  She gracefully nurtures the weary mind, body and spirit into living an ageless life of wellness, passion and authenticity on and off the mat through self awareness, acceptance and transformation!  Apart from teaching studio classes; she loves learning more about others by volunteering in service to our community, grabbing a cup of tea and chatting about a good read, conducting personal training lessons or sitting down for an afternoon of discovery with a private life coaching or chakra reading session.


Erin Gams – Manager

Erin’s combines fundamental postures, arm balancing and creative sequencing to make yoga challenging, bring greater awareness to your body, and get you out of your damn head (it can get messy up in there).  She’s passionate about teaching her students to go with the flow and will often improvise unique one-of-a-kind flows, based on the energy in the room.  She tries to keep it light hearted, which means she uses language you can actually understand, will throw in corny jokes (that aren’t that funny) and laughs at herself when she mixes up her left and right sides.  She’s also a really good human, cares immensely about her students, many of whom she considers dear friends.

Yoga has been a part of Erin’s life for over 25 years and she has old VHS tapes to prove it!  Every year she looks younger and younger and she contributes it all to yoga.  In 2015, after years of practicing, she completed her 200 hour CYT from Wild Abundant Life under Debbie Williamson.

Bradshaw Wish

Bradshaw is a full-time yoga teacher based in Chicago. He discovered his love for yoga after years of tumbling and dancing all over the city. Realizing the power of breath and movement is integral to Bradshaw’s classes, which are rooted in vinyasa. He strives to cultivate a space were all are welcome and all levels are challenged.

Bradshaw has assisted with teacher trainings at Bare Feet Power Yoga and curates national and international yoga retreats. He completed his 200 hour teacher training with Wild Abundant Life and is currently in the process of completing his 500 YTT with master teacher Jason Crandall.

Maggie Umberger

Originally from North Carolina and a Tar Heel at heart, Maggie’s first excitement about yoga came from a love for dance. She found that she could move in similar ways and experience the same kind of joy on her mat that she did on stage dancing. She studied yoga intensely throughout her time at Chapel Hill, and the passion she had for yoga and all the physical benefits it brought steadily grew as she found that everything on her mat translated into lessons she was learning about the world.

She moved to Chicago to work in advertising after graduating from UNC but felt a disconnect where yoga used to take precedence and was then falling into a side hobby. In 2016 she joined aSweatLife, a health and wellness publication and healthy living community in Chicago, so that she could fuse her passion for yoga and all things fitness with her passion for growing a community (and make a living doing it).

Maggie loves to lead anything from vigorous vinyasa flow to high intensity & strength classes to restorative deep stretch yoga – she simply enjoys sharing her love for a sweaty class and what it can do for you both physically and mentally. In her classes, she hopes to inspire her students to be curious, to judge less and feel more

LaVal Inman – Maintenance Manager

After many years of suffering a debilitating work-related disability and concomitant health issues, the Universe answered LaVal’s most sincere prayer. “Physician heal thyself .” “Go take yoga .” On May 4,2012, using an almost expired Groupon, he attended his first yoga class and his healing began.

LaVal completed his RYT200 certification and the Bare Feet Mentoring Program in 2017, LaVal appreciates and enthusiastically incorporates meditation and hands on assisting in his classes. He is also our Studio Maintenance Manager and a Karma Crew member so he spends a lot of time preparing and stocking Bare Feet’s locations as well as welcoming and assisting staff and students. To LaVal it’s working at BFPY is more than a job – its an opportunity and JOY.

Self-healing, in thought and purpose, is vital LaVal to live his optimal BeYoutiful life. Yoga, meditation, cycling and mindful nutrition have been essential in LaVal’s recent dramatic weight loss. LaVal’s just getting started and believes the best is yet to come.

Joleen Chrisman – Graphic Design

Joleen has been practicing yoga since 2012. It all began as a way to loose or maintain her weight per her doctors recommendation. Not being an athletic person outside of riding her bike, yoga was a big challenge. It slowly began to change her body, mind & life.

Joleen started her teacher training in March of 2015 and finished her certification in May of 2015 from Yogaview Chicago. Yoga, to her, is about loving yourself, it helps you see that you are capable of so much, and that you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

And a quick shout out – Joleen also designs all of our BFPY merchandise!

Nici Lawicki

If you are looking for a class full of smiles and laughter along with an energetic flow you have come to the right place.

Nici found pure happiness along with the connection she was searching for the first time she stepped on her mat. She will have you grinning ear to ear in chair pose, giggling in boat pose, and wanting more in goddess pose. Join her and find the connection to your mat all over again.

Rajiv Nathan

 Rajiv ‘RajNATION’ Nathan doesn’t drink coffee–instead, yoga is his caffeine! Come for the energy, stay for the vibes. He blends beats and rhymes with movement to get you to expreeeessss yaaaself on your mat. As a rapping yogi, he’ll also probably drop some dope lyrics during your Chaturanga. Word.

He received his RYT200 from Bare Feet Power Yoga in Chicago, IL, and is a certified Yoga Assistant. He gives props to Ali Brashler and Robin Samples for their tutelage in the yoga game.

When he’s not on the mat, find him running his own business, making music, or talking someone’s ear off about WWE pro wrestling.

Brian Chan

The journey to yoga for Brian has always been rooted in balance. From finding balance in yoga class, to using yoga to find balance in life, yoga has helped Brian discover a greater sense of inner peace and to reach beyond his physical and mental limitations.

Lessons learned through practicing yoga have helped Brian improve in connecting with the patients he sees in his practice as a pharmacist as well as in finding new challenges as a rock climber. Yoga has provided the opportunity to view life through a more colorful perspective.

Brian draws inspiration from his own practice to bring an invigorating, yet grounded perspective to his yoga teaching.  BFPY is where Brian’s love for yoga first manifested. He is 200 HR RYT certified through BFPY and completed his mentorship under Bradshaw Wish.

Jamie Norris

Jamie fell in love with yoga in high school. She remembers leaving her first class feeling both humbled and empowered; she was drawn to the physical and mental challenges that yoga provided and was automatically hooked! She became curious about the magic behind the physical practice of yoga and obtained her 500-hour certification in Therapeutic Yoga. Following her certification, Jamie became an apprentice at Bare Feet Power Yoga, where she combined her knowledge of therapeutics with the power of flow.

What Jamie loves most about yoga is the opportunity it gives her to push her limits, explore, and play! She always encourages her students to try new things, tune in, and have fun with their yoga practice.

Audrey Bliss

As a lifelong dabbler in exercise and adolescent organized sports, Audrey struggled to coordinate her awkward monkey limbs and stay motivated in any particular physical activity. Until yoga came along – yoga always felt good.

Little did she know that walking into Bare Feet Power Yoga in 2014 would significantly alter every single aspect of her life. Not only did yoga open her body, but also her mind and her heart.

Audrey’s passion for expanding her yoga knowledge coupled with her desire to share the power of yoga with others (and lifelong dream of being a DJ) ultimately led her to complete her 200-hour RYT certification through Bare Feet Power Yoga in October 2017 and mentorship under Robin French.

What Audrey loves the most about yoga is that it is every where, for every body, every moment, and the practice is never complete. Audrey hopes to be a guide for students in their process of finding strength, acceptance, and love within themselves.

From washing the floors and working the front desk for Karma Crew, to practicing multiple times a day (not even for stickers!), Audrey loves being a part of the Bare Feet community and is always seeking for ways to continue to grow as a student of yoga and explore all of the ways we are connected to one another and ourselves. Stay woke.

Danielle Wilson

Danielle discovered yoga for the first time at 18 and was immediately smitten with the way in which it combined strength, release, focus, and a sense of selfcare—all aspects she found reflective of dance, her initial passion and lifelong dedication. As a dancer and dance instructor, yoga originally served as a form of cross training and restoration. Her career as a professional contemporary dancer in Chicago was strung together by various injuries due to the toll dance takes on the physical body. In need of rehabilitation, Danielle dove deeper into her yoga practice, and what was once merely a form of physical care, quickly evolved into a platform for self-expression, spirituality, and internal transformation. The yogic mindset, practice, and lifestyle revolutionized her life, and she felt called to guide others in doing the same.

This journey led Danielle to complete her 200hr certification at Passion Yoga School in Costa Rica, followed by the BFPY mentorship program under Ali Brashler. Her power vinyasa style combines athleticism and fluidity in typical dancer fashion, while her love of movement and music shine through her creative transitions and vibrant beats. As a competitive dance coach of eight years, Danielle is a natural at leading and motivating a room, aiming to leave her practitioners feeling revitalized and empowered!

Lindsey Bliss

Lindsey discovered yoga in university through a free class on campus. What was simply an escape from Iowan winters became a staple in her daily life. She loved the encouragement of falling and not taking your self too seriously. It came easy and never thought twice about it. By the end of school, she found herself spending hours attempting inversions in her living room (and knocking down ikea furniture). She completed her RYT 200 hr with Spiritual Yoga School in 2016 and completely her mentorship under Ali Brashler in 2017.

Lindsey believes your practice should feel good and be an exploration of the mind, body, and strength within. She hopes to share her passion for movement through strong flows and space to breath. She will encourage you to try something new, embrace the wiggles, and laugh a little on the way.

Kenya Butts

Kenya began practicing yoga in 2006 as way to find peace and calm in this hectic world. She found peace and patience on the mat. Kenya found herself always in a yoga class she enjoyed the challenge of yoga and how it made her body and mind feel.

In 2009 Kenya decided that she wanted to spread her love of yoga to others. Kenya completed her first 200hr yoga teacher training at Corepower Yoga. And as a lifelong learner Kenya decided to continue her thirst for knowledge and completed a second 200hr yoga teacher training through Pure Yoga lead by Allison English and Jim Kulackowski and a 500hr teacher training through the Darshan Center lead by Jim Kulackowski.

Kenya loves everything about yoga and knows that when life gets hectic she can always get on her mat and everything will begin to make sense.

Alex Sabbag

For nearly 20 years Alex has explored a fickle relationship with yoga chalked full of frustration by the inability to contort her long body into pretzel-like shapes or touch her toes. It wasn’t until completing the Chicago Marathon that Alex decided to give her joints a rest and offer yoga the lead role in her ever-evolving fitness routine. Finding her home at Bare Feet Power Yoga in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, Alex traded strides for sun salutations and maintained a regular practice, considering yoga her primary form of exercise for the last five years. In the summer of 2018 everything changed and yoga’s higher power struck. The profound epiphany realized at some unidentified point during her time on her mat, Alex awoke to the fact that this was no longer an exercise hobby, this was a part of her soul. In search of why, she embarked upon her 200-hour teacher training under the leadership of Robin Samples and the team at Bare Feet.

Alex believes yoga is a personal journey that has the power to heal and transform our lives. Alex’s classes are rooted in vinyasa, each flow encouraging students to tap into breath to confront challenges with ease and meet anxieties with grace.

Alex’s commitment to her students is that through the practice of yoga they will get stronger and more resilient, gain clarity and grow spirituality, and leave with the fulfilling notion that each and every one of them is exactly where they need to be.